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The word "dudi" means white, "pat" means mountains and "sar" means lake. This name has been given to the lake because of the white color of snow at surrounding peaks. The lake's water is a beautiful greenish blue hue and very cold, at an elevation of 3,800 metres (12,500 ft). The surrounding mountains, with snow patches in the shady dales, average around 4,800 metres (15,700 ft) in elevation. In the summer, when the mirror-like water reflects the scenery, visitors from different regions of the country and from abroad travel to enjoy the enchanting views.


Getting There

The lake and park is accessible for four months of the year from June to late September. The trail head for Dudipatsar is located at Besal, which is about two hours drive from the town of Naran. The road is accessible by cars and motorbikes. From Besal onwards visitors trek in vast alpine meadows to reach Dudiptsar Lake. The Dudipatsar Trail is an approximately 18 km and goes along a tributary of the Kunhar River called Poorbi Narr in the northern Kaghan Valley. Trail has a cumulative elevation gain of 640 metres (2,100 ft). The average time taken to complete the trail is 5 to 8 hours.

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