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Mini throne of Mountain God.

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At the top of Hunza valley it lies in the heart of the finest duikar village. It is the best view point in Pakistan to witness the most breathtaking sunsets and sunrise. Rendered sublime because of the jagged mountains with tall towering snow caped peaks of Spantik, Diran, Rakaposhi, Ultar and Ladyfinger marching away in all directions from west to east; the view of each presenting itself is something behold. If you perch on the rocks and wait for the sunrise, the sun peeks over the horizon and it’s the frst orange hued rays of sunrise kissing the spantik peak makes it the most mesmerizing moment. As the goldn peak caresses softly over the sky you can see the rays falling over peaks of rakaposhi (on the most magnificent peaks of Pakistan that stand tall, and known as the mother of the mist) Eagles nest is a beautiful contrast of colours where the sky resembles a prism and colours blended in so perfectly that furrowed clouds displaying every shade from blue to pale pink and deep crimson, hovering over the peaks and the glistening reflection of the sun can leave you marveled. The blue vibrant fast flowing hunza river that flows around the mountains beneath in an awe inspiring sight. On the clear night this place is not something you'd want to miss where you can lie under the open sky, and get lost in the startling shooting stars that seem to radiate from the heaven and fall together in perfect showers leaving behind a luminous track. For adventure lovers that are up for extreme sports its most spectacular place for paragliding where the panaroma is incredible and the swirling clouds and cold breeze gives an pleasantly eerie feeling. Also the perfect place for photographing the most beautiful peaks as this place looks like a painting in the autumn season and the apricot cherries peaches and pears give an awestruck contrast of blossom among the snow caped mountains bringing glimmers of warmth.


Getting There

It takes about 20 minutes to drive from Karimabad town to Duikar village. 4x4 Jeeps are recommended for this drive to Duikar Village. Stopping near the Eagles Nest hotel you take a small hike of 5 minutes to reach the viewpoint and wait for the spectacle to start. Remains accessible in summers and autumn only. In winters it takes almost two hours to reach Duikar from Karimabad.

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