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Jalkhad is a beautiful village far deep at the ends of Kaghan valley; which makes it peaceful and more cold. Jalkhad is a summer settlement of shepherds. River Kunhar along with the valley gets wide at Jalkhad. Its the best picnic spot to get out of Naran's hustle and spend a peaceful day in the valley. From Jalkhad you have two routes; one which goes all the way to Noori Top (a pathway for Neelam Valley) and the other which takes you to Baisar (base camp for going to Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top and Doodipatsar Lake).


Getting There

Jalkhad is a beautiful village at about 2 hours drive from Naran. A paved road gets you to Jalkhad in no time. All kind of vehicles access the area in summers. In winters road gets blocked due to heavey snowfalls in the valley.

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