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The fort is "perched above the junction of the rivers" and overlooks the Rock of Skardu. An ancient mosque is also present inside the fort. The fort and its mosque are located on the eastern face of the Khardong Hill around 1400 ft above Skardu city. A view from these monuments brings into vision the entire valley, the Indus River and the scenic beauty of Skardu City. The fort was originally the residence of the Rajas of Skardu who find their descent from a fakir. The fort was built by the king Ali Sher in the end of the sixteenth century.


Getting There

Khaprocho Fort is just 15 mins away from famous Yadgar Chowk in Skardu. One has to walk for a while to get to the rock where the fort resides. Remains accesible throughout the year. Visiting time for fort is 9am-5pm.

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