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Riding along the 8th wonder of the world (Karakorum highway), it's an epic adventure of third world travel in order to reach the roof of the world that is the Khunjerab pass. It is the highest paved international border that connects Pakistan with china at an altitude of 4500m. The arcing gateway that welcomes you to the world of china is a landmark of the strong ties and friendship with the neighbouring country. One can stare peacefully at the vast landscape around where one side there is a vertical world of mountains, gorges while on the other side, the land across the barbed wires is an open grassland where sheep can be seen grazing in a distance with the prevailing winds moving across your face gives you icy jitters. Due the high altitude your bond to experience the smell of the first snow if the temperature hovers below 1 degree. The speck of snow kisses the ground and can slowly cover the ground like a fluffy blanket. A snow flurry is usually experienced even in the hottest months of the year so this the place to escape to from the scorching heat of summer. On the way to the Khunjerab pass, a very rare elusive species of the most beautiful and mystic wild cats (Snow leopards) can be seen. Their notable golden hair and thick fur speckled with smoky black ringed spots. The Markhor known for their long hair and twisted flare horns, reminiscent of the African Kudu are one most the striking wild animals in the world. It’s a riveting yet a seldom view as these are scarcely seen in the wild and are found in few areas of Pakistan. If you get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them, they are seen moving in flocks in the steep mountains and ridges on the way About 42 km from the Khunjerab border, lies the 3rd largest national park. Initially made to conserve the endangered species of mammals and birds, this is now frequently visited by tourists in their way to Khunjerab. The gregarious species of the cheerful birds ranging from the azure winged Magpie to snow pigeons moving swiftly across the hills is certainly an eye catching view. Not to forget the golden eagles and vultures soaring in the dodger blue sky. From mammals like snow leopards to Himalayan ibex, this place has it all.


Getting There

The pristine snow peaks and the heavily glaciated hills this places remains covered with snow almost throughout the year and remains accessible for about only few months between June to November. Its just 120km from Passu. Magnficently paved KKH takes you to Khunjerab Pass in just 3 hours from Passu. After Dih the last village at KKH starts the hair looped KKH turns that is the road everyone should traverse once in life time.

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