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Manthoka Waterfalls is very beautiful and a high waterfall. It has a height of about 180 feet that makes it highest waterfall of Pakistan. The waterfall looks eye-catching and famous for its picturesque and spectacular landscape. The place is ideal for camping and fishing. One can get a drop shower by standing even 3 feet away from the waterfall. In winters frozen waterfall looks so surreal that pushes the limits of everybody's imagination.


Getting There

A stream running downstream falls into the Indus River at Manthokha village. On the east side of this stream is Madhupur, a raod Manthoka-Madhupur road lead to Manthokha Waterfall. Manthoka village is about 60km away from Skardu city. It can be accessed from Skardu. Heading towards Manthokha Waterfall one has to follow the Kargil-Skardu road from Skardu city. Remains accessible in summers and autumn only.

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