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With an amazing diversity of places, people and customs, Passu is the mixing bowl of ancient civilization and dream of nature lovers, is well known about its extraordinary contrast of landscapes of the world. Passu is one of the most beautiful village of Pakistan . From times, immemorial the village has been promising Mountainous resort. Situated in the spectacular karakoram Mountains on the old silk route 150 km from Gilgit in the west banks of Hunza River and border on China .The first light over Passu cathedrals makes a setting for a beautiful and colorful show, with sun's rays hitting the ridge at an angle resulting in a panoramic dance of light and shadows observed on the mountain ranges.


Getting There

Situated in the spectacular Karakoram Mountains on the old silk route 50 km from Karimabad in the west banks of Hunza River and border on China. Best visiting season is from May-November. Passu remains accessible in the winters as well. Boating in Attabad lake on way to Passu or crossing over by 12 km tunnel; both of the experiences are worth having.

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