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Ratti Gali Lake is an high altitude (3700m) alpine lake situated in Neelum valley of Pakistan. In the summer season, the whole area around this mesmerizing lake becomes a spot of lush green meadows, wild and magnificent flowers and radiant alpine plantations even though in winter this valley is covered with white snow and massive chunks of Glacier floats in the dark blue magical water of Ratti Gali Lake like large swans. In winters lakes remains frozen from November-April. Sunsets ans sunrise over Ratti Gali lake are the most amazing ones.


Getting There

Ratti Gali Lake is accessible from both Dawarian and Noori top, but Dawarian side is usually preffered since it is easy. One can use public Transport to reach Dawarian from Muzaffarabad and get a jeep from there for Ratti Gali Lake.Two hour jeep journey ends at camp site from where it is almost one and a hald hour trek to lake. Best plan would be to leave early from Dawarian and spend more time on lake and then camp at camping site. Remains accessible from July-October; August is the best month to witness the countless species of wild flowers.

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