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The majestic Neelum Valley come to its end at Taoabat. It is here where the river Kishanganga enters Pakistan and joind River Neelum. Moreover the valley after Kel is also known as Gurais Valley. The lush green color of the valley looks splendid in contrast with the opaque blue-green color of the river and is definitely the best way to take a refreshing break from your mundane routine. This edge of Neelum valley, Taobat, provides you with a perfect ambiance to soothe your soul and helps you in thinking about how beautiful an artist Allah is!


Getting There

Taobutt is 4-5 hours jeep ride away from Kel. Road conditions are favourable for 4x4 Jeeps/ SUVs only. As Kel is last town before taobutt; maintenance of your vehicle should be carried out before leaving Kel. Road to taobutt is non-metallic and bumpy that makes it difficult to drive. Moreover this drive is scenic and you do come to see beautiful scenes after each and every while. Local transport daily reaches taobutt in summers; but it is not good for a comfortable journey.

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