Meadow amidst Wilderness

Baintha: Meadows Amidst Wilderness 

At an elevation of 3950m, Baintha is a green ablation valley amidst the rock towers and glaciated crevasses of Biafo. A grassy area with stream flowing through dense willow shrubs surrounded by flowers; its the last greenery you will see on your trek up to snow lake. Baintha is also called Conways Camp, its an ideal site to take a rest day, or climb up the Baintha Peak 5300m to get a unhindered views of Latok Peaks and Ogre. An hours walk beyond the camp brings you to Baintha Lumpur Glacier – flowing down from Latok group and offers interesting side trek s to explore those treks. 

There are also small lakes here which are ideal for a dip on a sunny day.

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