Buni Zom

Gleaming Greys

The silverish grey Buni Zom 6542m, gleams atop of town of Buni, is actually a group was scaled  by expedition from New Zealand in 1957. This first ascent was attempted from east via Gordoghan Zom climbing the north face of Buni Zom.

To get unhindered views, the base camp is just a day hike from Buni, but base camp for climbing is near Laspur, through village of Harchin – 20 km ahead of Mastuj on Shandur Road.


Base camp is a trek of two days from last village of Phargam, after crossing Phargam An high Pass (5045m), a descent brings you to this Base Camp in Kulakmali area at an altitude of 3950m.

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