Under the Shadow of Buni Zom

Right under the shadow of Booni Zom, irrigated by its glacial stream, the lush green town of Booni contrasts like an oases against the rustic jagged mountains of Hindukush. At an altitude if 1880m, set on a wide alluvial fan on the east bank of intertwining Mastuj / Kunar river – making small ponds alongside its banks ( a perfect spot to watch migratory birds ); the town of Booni is about a journey of 3 hours from Chitral Town. Jeeps can be hired for excursion to Shandoor or expeditions to Tirich and Broghil Valley. Booni Zom base camp is 3 hours steep hike from Shipishoon a summer settlement above Booni Gol.

Qaqlasht meadows accessible by all sort of vehicles is perfect spot to watch sunset.


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