Land of the Giants

With an altitude of 4200 meters and grasslands stretching far into the horizon, Deosai is rightly know as land of the Giants. As your Trek or Drive through such vast landscape you would imagine the curving hills as if the Giants are asleep. Best season to visit is from mid June to end of September as for the rest of year it’s covered in Snow. Thats why its a sanctuary for the endangered species like Himalayan Brown Bear. Sheosar Lake, Bara Pani and Kala Pani are major attractions and one can Glamp at Bara Pani and get mesmerised by milky ways and galaxies at night.

Intertwining streams from the hills of Deosai conform into one Big Stream at “Bara Pani”as they Traverse the through the of Land of Giants. One can Glamp at Bara Pani and spend whole day fishing along the icy cold streams or go hiking to get lost into its horizons.

Rightly known as Heart of Deosai is actually a Heart Shaped Lake as you enter Deosai from Astore. Prolly is one of the few alpine lakes which has a gradual depth and a small pebble stoned shore from where you can even witness Nanga Parbat on a very clear day. 


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