Land of the Lakes

Being on the crossroads of Kashmir and Central Asia, the wide valley was inhabited due to its rich fertile land. Ghizer is known for its translucent streams and alpine lakes teeming with trout fish. Ishkoman & Yasin are sub valleys into Ghizer which lead to Central Asia via Wakhan Corridor. Phandar & Shandoor are one of the most famous destinations. In Spring one can find the most lush Gardens blooming with cherry, apricot and mulberry trees. In autumn, turquoise streams flowing along side crimson, yellow and golden trees present an illusion thats as unreal as it gets. Khowar and Shina are the main languages but Brushuski is also spoken in some parts. The mountain here are lower and the passes are greener and gentler than in the high Karakorams around Hunza and Skardu. 


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Best Places to Experience Autumn Colors in Pakistan

Best places to experience autumn colors in Pakistan