Land of the Wakhi's

Upper Hunza and Central Hunza, although are quite close by in terms of geography, but culturally and ethnically they are quite apart. Gulmit is the capital of Gojal or Upper Hunza (stretches from Attabad Lake to Khunjerab Pass). Gojal was uninhabited till end of 18th century; and had no permanent villages and was only used as summer pastures and winter hunting by the Central Hunzakuts. At the end of 18th century, it was settled by Ismaili Wakhi’s from Wakhan Corridor. Till date people speak Wakhi which is a direct of archaic Farsi (Persian) and is entirely unrelated to Brushuski. Even musical instruments, festivals and dresses are more connected to their Wakhi cousins living across the birder in Xinjiang & Tajikistan. Gulmit Museum, Kamaris and Andra Fort are main tourist attractions in Gulmit.


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