Largest Hill Station of Swat

Kalam is one of the most popular destination among local tourists, with an altitude of 2000m, offers hotels of all category and day trips to Mahudand Lake via Ushu Forest. Old village across the river features a wooden Mosque supported by 10m beams craved with lotus flowers and pillars with huge scroll capitals.

Valley here splits into two, with Utror towards the west and Ushu in the east. Kandol Lake is more ideal for a getaway from summer crowds, starting with a short jeep ride and ending with pin loop trek along the stream. 

Summer treks from Ushu connects Swat to Ghizer valley over Dadarili Pass ( 5030m ) and to Chitral over Kachikani Pass ( 4766m ).

A jeep track along Utror valley connects Kalam to Kumrat over Budawai Pass ( rarely open in summers ), even if closed a this journey deep into Utror valley is a scenic day trip from Kalam.


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