Karombar Lake

Highest Biologically Active Lake

With an elevation of 4272m, Karombar Lake lies at the edge of Broghil valley, about 10 km up in a valley along Rabat river – northwest to origin of Yarkhun river from Chianter and Zindikharam glaciers. 

Karombar Lake is the highest biologically active lake of the planet and definitely the largest fresh water lake of Northeren Pakistan, this immense wide water body, is dominated by a 5728m high Glaciated Peak in its south, its horizon view in west opens up towards Karakorams over Chilnji Pass (5272m) and its Northeren wall, is relatively bare with its grey-green slopes warmed up by the sun, rises to almost 5748m.

Karombar lake also known as Zhoe Sar remains frozen throughout the year, only to reveal its cerulean blue waters from June to mid September, which is ideal season to visit.

Although August is the best month to witness wild flowers all along the trek to Karombar Pass 4343m.

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