True Himalaya

Neelam truly represent the green beauty of Kashmir, dense pine forests embodies its mountains from top till river bed. High altitude meadows running run through these mountain tops, averaging at an altitude of 3000m to 4500m. Icy glacial peaks is a rare sight in Neelum valley with exceptions like Hari Parbat 5638m and Sarwali Peak 6326m i.e. highest peak of Neelum.

History of the region goes back to 6th century still preserved in ruins of Sharda Peeth, although some social scientists argue that after crossing the passes from the north, one of the off- shoots of Aryans lost its way to India and settled there in this region around 3000 B.C.

Alpine lakes run down through translucent white streams into Neelum river like Ratti Galli, Gatian and Hans Raj. After Kel, continuity of Neelum along the river is called Gurez valley and river to be  called Kishan Ganga while a steep jeep track on the west leads to Shounter and Chitha Katha Lake.


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