Trekking Paradise

The large kingdom of Nagar, across the Hunza River, was first settled by Balti’s who arrived over Hispar Pass from Baltistan along the Biafo-Hispar glacier. Hispar village is certainly ancient up a difficult gorge at the foot of Hispar Glacier. 

Later in 14th century Hunzukuts settled in central Nagar and Kingdom of Nagar became eventually bigger than Hunza and there are stories of multiples wars between the two kingdoms over control of power or land. 

Rakaposhi although famous for its unhindered view from Hunza, but actually lies in Nagar along with many other 7000m peaks like Spantic, Miar & Diran. Thus Nagar is a paradise for trekking & mountaineering, with an easy access to Rakaposhi Base Camp, Rush Lake & Spantic Base Camp.

Nagar also unhindered views to the complete wall of Ultar Sar, from Rush Lake, Hopar & Rush Peak.


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