Mecca of Baltistan

Small town of Passu offer an unhindered and upfront view of the famous Passu cones. At 2450m, about a drive of half an hour from Attabad Lake, valley gets wide open with a 360 view of Glaciated Peaks and Rock Spires. Passu Peak (7478m) lying in the backdrop of Passu Glacier is also accompanied by Sangemar Sar (7050m), the beautiful Shishpare (7611m) and the north face of Ultar Sar (7388m); all of this alongside Passu cones can be seen in a single glance while you sip on your hot coffee. Famous Glacier Breeze Resturant serves the best apricot cake in hunza, also with recent opening of Yak grill, one can enjoy the Yak Steaks and Yak burgers in Passu.


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