Rakaposhi Base Camp


After an early morning start from Minapin, Hapakun can be your first campsite at 2800m, surrounded by potatoe and hay fields, it offers a unique view of Lady Finger towards the north. From here on Taga Phiri is just a hike of two hours.

As soon as you climb the ridge of Taga Phiri panoramic view dominated by the sharp cone of Diran Peak (7266m) and the gleaming serrated ridge connecting Diran and Rakaposhi. A descent of about 30 mins to brings you to Rakaposhi Base Camp, a narrow banana shaped field that was once a lake ( Taga Phiri means muddy lake ). A 20 min walk up the ridge that runs down from Rakaposhi gives views north to Batura, Passu, Shispare and Ultar Peaks complimented by unhindered view or Rakaposhi, Diran and swirling lines of crevassed Minapin glacier.


Best season to visit is from May-September.

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