Ratti Galli

Crown of Neelum Valley

With its vivid cerulean to deep blue hues varying with light and shadows, a granite rock dropping tiny glaciers from its bottom as it rises abruptly in its backdrop like a wall, at an altitude of 3700m Ratti Galli is one of the most beautiful lakes in Northeren Pakistan. 

With an expanse of no less than 2 square kms, it remains frozen through the winters. Spring starts here in end of June, and by start of August lake gets adorned by red Himalayan Bistorts thus giving it the name “Ratti Galli” meaning the “Red Path”. It often gets closed by end of October and due to its high altitude and climate receives a precipitation of more than 20 feet.

A jeep ride of two-three hours from Dowarian, gets you to Ratti Galli base camp; which is more of a tent village. From here on its a hike of an hour, horses can also be hired for this small stretch of uphill to the lake. Summer weekends here can be a bit crowded due to its ease of access.


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