Spantik Peak

Golden Peak

Spantik also known as Golden Peak is prolly the most beautiful peak of Spantik-Sosbun range of Karakoram, with an elevation of 7027 meters, two yellow streaks of marble rising 1000m up its north flank give the mountain its popular name. It was first climbed in 1955 by the Germans and is considered to be the easiest summit in Karakorams by the mountaineers. At sunset/sunrise it becomes Golden and its gives the most scenic backdrop to Rush Lake at Eagles Nest View Point.

Ideal season to summit is from June-September, base town would be Skardu to get Porters or Guides and Jeep ride to Arandu village; from where base camp is a trek of 3 days on a Glacier. 

If you wish to just do just the base camp; then a simple two-three day trek from Hopar, will bring you to its north face. 

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