'Yar' 'Khun' meaning 'Friends' 'Home'

The Yarkhun River north of Mastuj follows a wide with villages and cultivations on every side of the stream. 

Seven well know treks start here i.e. Thus, Khot, Shah Jinali, Darkot, Karumbar onwards to Chilnji and Upper Hunza.

Lasht is the last big village of Yarkhun valley, a settlement of of about 70 houses, set in a wide fertile plain at about 3150m. This was an important settlement in 8th century but was later abandoned, only to be resettled again at the end of 19th century when Biritish pacified the area. The village shops sell basic supplies such as rice, sugar and kerosine oil.

Mobile signals are only functional uptill here i.e SCOM or Telenor. 

Paur is the midpoint of Yarkhun and a night here is in a jeep ride from Mastuj to Borghil.


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